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CyVerse FAQ

These are frequently asked questions for a variety of CyVerse platforms and other services.

Getting help using CyVerse

The CyVerse team is small, but dedicated to helping you get what you need done. There are a number of ways to get help using CyVerse:

1. For most questions you can browse or search the CyVerse Learning Center or CyVerse Wiki. We also have several helpful videos (including on popular science workflows) on the CyVerse YouTube Channel.

2. If you can find the answer you are looking for there, many CyVerse platforms feature chat-based support. Look for the Intercom icon: Intercom. If you catch us outside of working hours (weekdays 9-5PM US Mountain Time Zone), we will follow up via email.

3. While Intercom is our preferred support mechanism (it creates a ticket we can easily track) you can also email

Don’t see your Question here?

Send us a note using Intercom, look for the Intercom icon: Intercom and we can answer and add it (see Github Repo Link). If you are familiar with GitHub, you can also submit an issue, or send us a pull request. See Improving Existing Documentation in the CyVerse Learning Center.

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